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Shifting the perceptions of beer and food

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You might remember a time when the height of sophistication was knowing red goes with meat and white with fish.

It took the wine category 30 years to educate Brits in choosing wine to suit mood, occasion and – most importantly – food; putting UK beer sales on a downward trend.

Over 1,000 beers and recipe’s are programatically matched based on tasting notes, flavour and ingredients to create the perfect #beermatch

Working with the British Beer Alliance we set about creating a complete compendium of beers. With thousands of beers linked by type, flavour and brewery it’s the ultimate way to discover new beers you’ll like based on others you already love.


Accompanying that is #beermatch, an automated Twitter utility to help you learn better how to match beer with food. It features the same back-end library of 1,000+ different beers and aligns that with 1,000+ separate dishes, developed in conjunction with beer writers and experts.

96 million additional pints sold to a reach of 11.9 million
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